Aluminum Impact Extrusion
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Aluminum Impact Extrusion

Aluminum Impact Extrusion

Impact Extrusion is a versatile forming process used to create thin wall, seamless, hollow shapes by a rapid single stroke application of force through a punch. This process has many advantages over conventional production methods such as casting and machining, saving on secondary operations, reducing waste material, reducing cycle times and offering tight tolerances over diameters and lengths.
Impact V.S. Deep Drawn
Bottom Thickness:

Deep-drawn parts are typically limited to a 1:1 wall/bottom thickness.
Impact parts have no limit to wall/bottom thickness to be 1:1

Length / width ratio:
Deep draws are typically limited to a 2:1 ratio Impacts are typically limited to 8:1 in aluminum and 4:1 in steel in a single operation. Further process can triple this ratio.

Material Yield:
Material yield in strip stock for deep draw is typically 80% or less.
Material yield in impacts is typically over 90%.

AL1050 / AL1070 AL3003 / AL 5052 AL6061 / AL6063

Anodize, Conversation Coating Sand blasting / Painting

Max. impact press machines 1000 tons

Electronic / Computer / Telecom 
Automotive/ Motorcycle & Bike
Mechanical / Power
Aluminum Can
Aluminum Can for Telecom
Aluminum shell for battery
Aluminum Impact Extruding Case
Aluminum Impact Extrusion Part
Aluminum Impact Extruding Case
Aluminum Shell
Aluminum Thin Tube
Aluminum USB can