FSW – 1090 Series
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Friction Stir Welding Heatsink

FSW – 1090 Series

Friction Stir Welding Heatsink

FSW is a process to join two or more pieces of material to be one. FSW process is the tool runs along the joint seam, intense friction heat is generated due to the wear resistance between the tool and working materials. The heat causes the materials to soften without reaching their melting point. The soften materials of the two joining parts are stirred together and form a solid bonding part after cooling, eliminating the need for any type of additional bonding stuffs.

Breaking away from traditional large profile, but to use the smaller extrusion profile to extend to maximum width. It is not only to be free from regular extrusion limit, but also save the tool cost. We equip with the CNC machine, and can extend the profile width to maximum 1200mm.
  • Welding of same or different aluminum alloys without using filler materials (like glues).
  • No thermal performance penalty across the welded joint
  • No structural change in the materials
  • Less weld distortion and shrinkage due to the lower welding temperatures
  • Non-porous joint/bond-line
  • Homogenous and leak free weld joints
  • Economic method for producing very large width heat sinks - by welding smaller low cost heat sink pieces together
Treatment: Cleaning; Anodize
Power Electronics
Telecom / Transportation
Industrial / Energy / Machinery
FSW Heatsink
FSW Heat sink
FSW Extrusion
Friction Stir Welding
FSW Heatsink with heat pipe
LIST - 1090 Series

RW-xxxx-yyyy-Z WIDTH HEIGHT Base Thickness Long Fin Q'ty Short Fin Q'ty Material Finish
RW-1090-0254-Z 254 90 10 34 32 AL6063-T5 C: Clean
W: Clear Anodize
B: Black Anodize
RW-1090-0381-Z 381 90 10 51 48
RW-1090-0508-Z 508 90 10 68 64
RW-1090-0635-Z 635 90 10 85 80
RW-1090-0762-Z 762 90 10 102 96
RW-1090-0889-Z 889 90 10 119 112
RW-1090-1016-Z 1016 90 10 136 128
RW-1090-1143-Z 1143 90 10 153 144
RW-1090-1270-Z 1270 90 10 170 160