Forged Heatsink
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Forged Heatsink

Forged Heatsink

The forged heatsink production process requires no cross-cutting, or stuff bonding, making it more cost effective than extruded or bonded-fin heat sinks when produced in high quantities. A variety of heatsink fin shapes can be produced, including pin fin heatsinks, plate fin heatsinks, air foil fin heat sinks, round fin heatsinks, and square fin heatsinks.

Forged heatsink can be made in pure aluminum, aluminum alloy and copper materials. Our aluminum forged heatsink has 3 series - LED heatsink, pin fins heatsink and bulb heatsink, that performed cold forging process with pure aluminum material (AL1070), which thermal conductively is 237 W/m.K.
The characteristic of aluminum forging :
  • High strength / Leak resistance.
  • More reliable, less costly
  • Flexible, cost-effective production adapts to demand
  • More predictably to heat treatment and offer better dimensional stability
Different to aluminum die-casting part, the surface of aluminum forged heatsink can be taken anodizing treatment. The color will be optional per customer’s request.
AL1050 / AL1070 / Copper

Treatment: Cleaning; Anodizing ; Coating or Customized Request

Equipped to maximum 1500 tons forging machine, the capability can make 210mm diameter & 80mm height as maximum.
  • 210mm diameter max.
  • 80mm height as max.

  • Applications:
    Heatsink for LED light cooling, CPU, thermal transfer of electronic components, radiator for the thermal solutions of power module and industrial machine and equipment cooling.
    Aluminum LED Heatsink
    Ceiling Lamp Heat Sink
    Forged Heatsink
    Forged Heatsink
    Heatstink for bulb radiator
    LED Heatsink
    LED Heat Sink
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    Pin Fin Heat Sink